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Five Day Camps $450Purchase required to enroll

Summer Camps Q and A & Sample Schedule

Q: Does my child need to bring his/her own instrument?

A: Drums, keyboards are provided for campers, but guitar and bass players should bring their own instrument, picks and tuner if they have them. Drummers should bring drumsticks. Ideally, all students should also have their own instrument to practice on at home for the duration of the camp and beyond.

Q: Does my child need to bring a lunch or snack?

A: Each student needs to bring his/her own lunch and we suggest that students pack snacks as well. No student is allowed to leave the building during the camp day to get food. *Please not snacks with nuts.

Q: What does an average day of SoR camp look like? Do they play music ALL day long?

A: A typical day at camp involves games and small group lesson sessions, as well as the group rehearsals. Please see attached sample schedule.

Q: Do the students need to have any musical experience or will you teach them at camp?

A: Yes, it is good if students have some experience with their instrument. If you have concerns you can sign your camper up for lessons prior to camp so he/she is prepared.

Q: Where does SoR camp take place?

A: SoR camp takes place at School of Rock San Diego

Q: What ages of students attend camp? Will there be someone close to my child’s age?

A: Campers should be 10-17yrs of age unless otherwise specified on the camp description.

Q: Who are the Instructors/Staff?

A: Our instructors are real working, professional musicians. They are chosen not only based on their qualifications, but also how they can relate that to the students.

Q: Can I register online?

A: Yes ­ www.sandiego.schoolofrock.com/camp­signup

Q: What is the Student:Instructor ratio?

A: We try to have 5:1 ratios at all camps.

Q: How can I contact my child in the case of an emergency?

A: Please contact us at the school (619) 696-9343.

Q: What happens if we can’t make it to camp one/multiple day(s)?

A: We have limited space in our camps and wait lists for most. We ask that your child attend all 5 days of camp because they are a large part of the entire set list. There are no partial refunds due to days missed.

Q: Are parents allowed to take audio/video recordings during camp?

A: No. But you can take audio/video recordings at the end of the week camp show. *Note this show is at a local venue at 3:30pm on Friday. We ask you to pick your camper up at 2:30pm each day and on Friday bring he/she to a local venue for the final performance.

Q: What are some things NOT to bring to camp?

A: Please do not allow your child to bring any toys, trading cards, dolls, or personal electronic devices, etc. Anything that might distract them should stay at home. We do not take responsibility for any broken or lost items.

Q: Can I send treats to share with the other campers?

A: No. Although this is a nice idea, we want to help provide a safe environment for children who suffer from allergies or food sensitivities.

Q: What are your drop ­off and pick ­up policies?

A: The camp day runs from 9:30am to 2:30pm Monday through Thursday. Please drop off by 9:30am and pick and up at 2:30pm. Our instructors have lessons that begin after 2:30pm and we appreciate your punctuality.

Summer Camp General Schedule Monday - Thursday

9:30am Camp Orientation: Rules/Week in Review/Group Introductions/Team Building.

~ Breakout by instrument.

~ Group workshops that include discussions on Rock History/Song Mapping/Group Vocals/Rhythm/Stage Presence/etc.

~ Lunch. Supervised Jams/Games/Team Building.

~ Casting Announcements/Rehearsal of initial songs.

2:15pm ~ Wrap­-up. Discuss the day and upcoming week. Clean up.

2:30pm ~ Release campers


9:30am ~ Daily Meeting

~ Breakout by instrument

~ Rehearsal: Run through entire set

~ Lunch

~ Rehearsal: Final Dress Rehearsal 2:30pm ~

Load up gear (the following times are approximate and each camp will get a confirmation)

3:30pm ~ Doors for Show

Summer Camp checklist!

*note instrument that applies to your camper

❏ Guitar and/or Bass with Strap

❏ Tuner (for Guitar/ Bass)

❏ Picks

❏ Strings

❏ Drumsticks

❏ Ear Plugs

❏ Water/Water Bottle

❏ Lunch/Snacks

❏ Folder/Binder

❏ A Good Attitude :­-)